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BC46.124 – Mark Van Name Reading

Mark Van Name, the 2008 Compton-Crook award winner, reads from his 2012 novel, “No Going Back”. One of my favorite parts of a reading can be the audience interaction and the side stories and comments by the author. This session has both. I have not followed the Jon and Lobo series but again, it has been added to my Goodreads list. Not surprisingly, the web site, , provides key author information.

Bruce Lerner

BC46.123 – James R Knapp Reading

James Knapp won the Compton-Crook award in 2011 and is back to offer a reading of his first novel, STATE OF DECAY. After hearing Mr. Knapp’s reading during editing, I’ve added his “revivor“ series to my Goodreads list. I hope you enjoy it also. You can find James Knapp on the web at Please leave us feedback at the Balticon Podcast website and you can reach me at

BC46.122 – Drunken Comic Book Monkeys’ Author Reading

The Drunken Comic Book Monkeys’ authors, Brian and Chris, are a unique pair of friends who somehow decided that capturing their snarky banter disguised as fiction would be a satisfying and entertaining endeavor. I believe that you will find they were correct. When Jeff, their editor and Christine collaborate on the reading they are quite the merry band. Additional information can be found at:  The reading may be a bit bawdy. They do call themselves the Drunken Comic Book Monkeys. Enjoy.


BC46.121 – Emilie Bush Reading

A mega huge thank you to Bruce Lerner for doing all the heavy lifting on this episode.

These two readings are by Emilie P. Bush recorded at Balticon 46.
The first reading is from her second novel The Gospel According to Verdu, which is the second book in the Brofman Series.
The second is from her children’s book – Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story.

Her web site is

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BC45.120S – Hiatus

Sorry folks. Holiday pressures and Balticon 46 planning are too much. I need to step back and put the show on hiatus until mid to late January 2012. See you all back here then.

BC45.120 – Paolo Bacigalupi Reading – Fixed

A reading from Paolo Bacigalupi’s upcoming novel The Drowned Cities. Find out more about Paolo at his website


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BC45.119 – Farpoint 2011

Interviews with

Bonita Friedericy


Tahmoh Penikett

BC45.118 – James Stoddard Sampler

Lazy Show Notes

The James Stoddard Sample. Excerpts from his books and a forward from James about winning the Compton Crook award in 1999.

Congrats to Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine on their award.

BC45.117 – Teaching Science with Larry Niven Stories – part 3 of 3

The third and final part of this panel with Andrew Love and Dr. Tom Holtz.

BC45.116 – Teaching Science with Larry Niven Stories Part II

Science Fan Andrew Love gives part two of a science presentation: Using Larry Niven Stories to Teach Science.

We’re Late This Week

I’m scurrying to get an episode out, but we’ve had community wide car trouble and the Balticon national holiday of Halloween to attend to. I hope to have the episode uploaded for you tonight. It will be part 2 of the Andrew Love panel on teaching science with Larry Niven stories.

BC45.115 – Teaching Science with Larry Niven Stories

Science Fan Andrew Love gives part one of a science presentation: Using Larry Niven Stories to Teach Science.

BC45.114S – Special My Bad

Sorry, no episode this week. Just a “My Bad” from Paul.

BC45.114 – Pitch Workshop

  • Announcement: Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine tied the knot on Saturday Oct 8th.
  • The Pitch Workshop audio recorded at Balticon 45. Special thanks to Scott Roche for sending us a copy and agreeing to let us share it.
  • The Pitch Workshop was a 2 hour event in which people learned the basics of pitching their project to the people who they hope will buy it. It is most excellently lead by Jared Axelrod of the Voice of Free Planet X and Fables of the Flying City Podcasts. Joining Jared are film maker Brent Weichsel, editor Scott Roche, and web comics guru Eric Kimbal.
  • If you ever want to pitch your creative work to anyone, commercially or inside your own organization, this is the workshop for you!
  • Talk: Audio quality
  • Levelator released by The Conversations Network.
  • Promo: Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine’s for their 99 Penny Dreadfuls. These are the eBook versions of the short stories from their Tales from the Archives podcast. And are available for 99 cents each. The initial three stories are from Nathan Lowell, and the newly weds Tee & Pip. Available at Amazon and Smashwords.
  • Promo: PC Haring’s Cybrosis novel
  • MUSIC: The Pitch by the band The Soft Drugs. This song comes to us courtesy of Mevio’s Music Alley.
    • Art by Howard Tayler

      Theme Music Space Monkey
      by Jim Hodgson


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