Balticon 40.30 – Hugo Loser’s Party Special

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WorldCon photos, mostly from this party are online. All photos by Martha Holloway.

Hugo Party Notes

  1. David Brin
    • World SF Magazine in China moved their event to a week before WorldCon in Yokohama
    • Cheng Du, some distance inside China
    • Szechuan province
    • Look for link (can’t find)
    • Brin’s thoughts on the award ceremony and this year’s awards
    • Brin has a new show coming up on Discovery Channel
    • New book, Star Wars on Trial
  2. Robert Silverberg
    • No longer the Hugo Loser’s Party. Now the Hugo Nominee’s Party.
    • He is training himself not to work
    • He’s been gardening
    • Professes to be making room for the new authors in the field
    • Went straight out of college to winning a Hugo
    • Bob used to read all the new Sci-Fi that was published. It’s impossible to do that today
    • Bob is heading to Italy in Sept. Hopefully inspiration will strike him.
    • We talk about Balsamic Vinegar
    • Political correctness in the US language
    • Martha steps in for a picture of Bob and me
  3. Cory Doctorow
    • Nominated for I, Robot
    • Different directions Cory uses for publishing his works
    • He is working as a Fullbright Chair, The inaugural fullbright Canada U.S. Chair
      at the Univ Southern Calif Annenberg Center for Public Diplomacy
    • Cory talks about threats to electronic freedoms and copyright law
  4. James Patrick Kelly
    • Got to present the award to Peter Beagle
    • Author of the novella, Burn, available as a book and a Podiobook
    • I’m a little slow on the uptake
    • We were both born on Lon Guyland (Long Island to those don’t speak the language)
    • He lives in New Hampshire now
    • He attributes his Hugo nomination to the book being released as a Podcast
    • He’s striving to write longer books in the coming years
    • Drinkus Interruptus (Yipee! We’re podcasting live)
  5. Peter S. Beagle
    • Peter is still coming down from winning
    • He talked himself out of beleiving he could win
    • He won for Two Hearts
    • The only advice he got was, “Don’t trip walking up on stage”
    • He’ll be working on more short novels in the next year, including a follow on to The Last Unicorn
    • It was great to see Peter so elated.
    • I’d love to help him get some of his stories podcasted next year
  6. Ellen Datlow
    • Nominated for best professional editor for Sci Fiction and for several book anthologies
    • We talk about the job of a professional editor
    • Editing is a lot of work
    • The first and last stories in an anthology are the most important
    • Her next anthology is call Inferno and will be published by Tor
    • She talks about how you, the author, get into her anthologies and magazines
    • Podcastus Interruptus (Yeah! Live Podcasting)
    • I explain the difference between audio on a website and a podcast
    • I talk about Mark Foreman’s projects reading Cory Doctorow’s work
    • I talk about Phil Foglio’s Girl Genius podcast
    • Ellen is too busy reading to listen to podcasts
    • She lives in NYC, so she reads during her commute
    • I talk about the non-fiction book, Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana
    • Ellen gets to do what she loves and she gets to work from home