Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2006 Attending Balticon 41

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No, really, it’s true! Time’s Person of the Year for 2006 celebrated creators and users of content for the Internet, and, boy, do we have some great New Media content creators coming to Balticon 41, Special Guests of Honor Michael R. Mennenga and Evo Terra. Mike and Evo are best known for their series of Sci-Fi related podcasts: Dragonpage Cover to Cover, Slice of Sci-Fi, and Winging It. But that’s just the beginning of what the New Media track has to offer in 2007. Not only has the number of podcasters attending this year more than doubled, but we are adding concerts from two of the wittiest and sexiest men in New Media: George Hrab and Jack Mangan. And this year, we have added the first Podcasters Workshop. Podcasters will be able to submit their shows for critique by the experts. Watch the Balticon Podcast website www.balticonpodcast.org for details.

But, wait, what happened to the Podcasting track?

It matured into the New Media track. There’s a whole wonderful world of non-traditional media available and we’re bringing you more than just podcasting this year. Come and meet local artists and writers from the world of web comics and many other fascinating people leading the new media explosion. Learn more about what’s available in independent new media and how to turn it to your advantage. Don’t let your work be lost in the shadows: Find your audience!