Balticon 40.36 – Interview with Author Peter S. Beagle and Connor Cochran – Part 1

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  • Interview with author Peter Beagle and Connor Cochran from Conlan Press
  • Peter talks about winning his first Hugo award for Two Hearts
  • Two Hearts may be the key to get the royalties owed him from the 1982 animated film of The Last Unicorn
  • PROMO: Spherical Tomi: A Novel of Despair by Jack Mangan
  • Connor and Peter talk about getting the rights back to future film versions of The Last Unicorn and Two Hearts
  • The new, 25th anniversary DVD of The Last Unicorn is now available. Please buy it directly from Peter. He only makes money if you buy it from Conlan Press
  • The new DVD is remastered from the German version and of much better quality than the older US DVD release
  • The DVD extras on the new disk
  • Peter’s inspiration for The Last Unicorn
  • PROMO: Singularity by Bill DeSmedt
  • Where you should be buying the new DVD of The Last Unicorn? Buy It Here!
  • You can also get copies signed by Peter
  • Peter talks about his upcoming work: I’m Afraid You’ve Got Dragons
  • Peter tells us about his upcoming works being released and his older works coming back into print
  • PROMO: Random Signal by Jason Adams
  • MUSIC: None But A Harper by Peter S. Beagle lyrics and singing, with original music by Jeff Slingluff
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