Balticon 40.40 – Interview with Dr. Michael Cranfield

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Dr. Michael Cranfield is a veterinarian from The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. He works with Mountain Gorillas at the zoo and in Africa. He also works with African Blackfooted Penguin. His main work is with the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP). The MGVP take a wholistic health approach to medicine. They help to make sure the gorillas stay healthy by keeping the surrounding people and other animals healthy.

Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project

  • Getting into places less seen
  • The economic effects of eco-tourism
  • Organisms shared by Gorillas, Humans, and Cattle
  • PROMO: Random Signal
  • One shared organism shows that there is a pathway between the host species. This might let nastier bugs move between species.
  • The ‘one-health’ approach included the first healthcare for guides and trackers.
  • The global travel vector is quickly closing in on the mosquito as the most deadly infection vector.
  • Work is serious fun, not a game. If you don’t like what you do, you need to do something else.

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