Balticon 40.44 – Ron Glass, star of stage and screen

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Ron Glass, an amazing man with great taste in tile!

About Ron’s ground-breaking role as Detective Ron Harris on Barney Miller. Ron’s real life older brother Gene was one of his inspirations for the character. And what a well-rounded character Det. Harris was!

Shepherd Book, on the other hand, will not ever be fully defined. Book’s mysterious past will remain a subject of much speculation. Ron reflects that Shepherd Book was, in many ways, Mal before Book’s awakening. Paul speculates that The Operative and Shepherd Book shared similar pasts. Who knows? Joss Whedon and he’s not telling!

What’s next for Ron Glass? Refurbishing his house–new windows and doors and lights and paint. The joy–no, the delight–of presiding over the birth of beautiful things and knowing it’s all because of you!

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