Balticon 41.54 – George Hrab in Concert

George Hrab is a professional musician, author, and podcaster. He put on an amazing show at Balticon 41.

The audio is a little rough, don’t blame George. Blame us.

Find out more about George: Home Website : Podcast : Records : Philly Funk Authority

George Hrab

Set List:

  1. The Assumption
  2. Age of the Fern
  3. Blue Genes
  4. How Do You Do?
  5. Brainsbodyboth
  6. Under Pressure (Queen cover)
  7. Out of My Mind
  8. ‘Ya Famous?
  9. Whipping Post (Allman Brothers Band cover)
  10. She Suffers From Superlatives
  11. Cruel Spines
  12. The Rainbow Connection (Kermit The Frog / Muppets cover)

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