BC42.74 – John Jude Palencar

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This week we present an interview with Balticon 42 Art Guest of Honor, John Jude Palencar. Mr. Palencar is a world famous artist and illustrator who has been winning awards for his distinctive style of art for over two decades. He is known mostly for his book covers, which have appeared on hundreds of books in over thirty countries. He has done cover art for renowned authors such as HP Lovecraft, Ursula LeGuin, Marrion Zimmer Bradley, Octavia Butler, and many many more.

Most recently his cover paintings for Eragon and Eldest, by Christopher Paolini, has appeared on the New York Times children’s best seller list for the past year. John’s work made such an impact on the author that he named Eragon’s birthplace “Palencar Valley”.

Mr. Palencar also enjoys an on-going artist-in-residence program in Country Kerry, Ireland. His paintings were included in a special exhibit entitled, “Images of Ireland”, held at the National Museum in Dublin.

  • Getting started in art is tough
  • There isn’t enough horror
  • Horror started it all
  • John avoids narrative covers
  • Keep it simple. Keep it symbolic
  • The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious
  • Color palates
  • PROMO: Arbiter Chronicles
  • On-going artist-in-residence in County Kerry, Ireland
  • Ireland and art
  • Pub life in Ireland
  • Advice for cover artists
  • Traditional art and digital music
  • SONG: The Vampire Club, by Voltaire

Origins, The Art of John Jude Palencar

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