Balticon 43 Extra – Evoat11 40 – Live from Balticon

Audio posted by Evo Terra for his Evo@11 Podcast.

Quoting the original show notes:

Recorded live at Balticon! With Patrick E. McLean, a bottle of Macallan 12-year-old scotch, Bill DeSmedtSheila Dee and P.G. Holyfield. It’s long. It’s wild. Kinda like me.

Choice Bits

  • Apologies for last week’s show
  • But there will be no fellatio
  • I jotted down show notes, but I’m not too sure I can read them
  • Ding
  • Evo ate a baby on the plane
  • What strange shit can you say right now?
  • Is there a chemist in the room?
  • You may put your mouth all over my scotch
  • Now I’m just the fucking errand boy
  • Tommy Chong’s Waffle House
  • I’m a dick
  • Phil Rossi was banned from this show two years ago
  • It means “nice ass” in Lat
  • “How are you living a little”
  • I wanna fuck you like a chemist
  • I can’t deal with anything that ends in “Z”. Like the alphabet?
  • The opposite of ding sounds racist, so I’m not gonna say it
  • Shut up, it’s my show
  • I’m sorry, four and five didn’t make it
  • The good news is; I don’t care
  • Holy shit I need some more field scotch
  • Science Thriction?
  • Just looking for a reason to hate
  • But now the bitch cleans
  • Has anyone in the audience done an alcohol enema?
  • Ding.
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