BC44.95 – Paul Melko, 2009 Compton Crook Award Winner

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After much chasing, we finally pinned down the 2009 Compton Crook Award winner, Paul Melko for an interview. Paul is the author of the novels Singularity’s Ring and The Walls of the Universe. He is a multi-award winning author and a great interviewee. We guarantee you’ll enjoy our interview with this versatile and amazing man.

Paul Melko
Paul Melko

Books by Paul Melko:
The Walls of the Universe,
Singularity’s Ring (Tor Science Fiction), and
Ten Sigmas & Other Unlikelihoods

This episode we have two exciting new things to announce. First, we have a new co-host who will be doing intros and some comedy for you. Grig Punkie Larson is an icon of DC area fandom. He is known mostly as the author of The Saga of Punk Walrus, but he is so much more multifaceted than that. Grig will be adding some much needed levity into the podcast as well as penning the intros, which have been a big hold up for Paul. This will hopefully insure that you get more content on a more regular basis. Think of Grig as the fiber of The Balticon Podcast.

Second, we are having our first ever contest. We have four (4) copies of George Hrab’s excellent new CD Trebuchet to give away. To enter, you need to leave us a review on iTunes. We hope it will be a positive one. Email a screen shot of your iTunes review and your mailing address to podcast at balticon dot org and we’ll add you to the entries. On Jan 1, 2011 we will pick 4 random winners by some nefarious means, and send your CD out. This contest is sponsored by Paul, because he loves George Hrab’s music. The contest is open to anyone on Planet Earth with a mailing address. That’s right. If you want a copy of George Hrab’s Trebuchet mailed to you in Antarctica then you’d better get writing that review and hoping you’ll be one of our four lucky winners.