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BC46.124 – Mark Van Name Reading

Mark Van Name, the 2008 Compton-Crook award winner, reads from his 2012 novel, “No Going Back”. One of my favorite parts of a reading can be the audience interaction and the side stories and comments by the author. This session has both. I have not followed the Jon and Lobo series but again, it has been added […]

BC46.123 – James R Knapp Reading

James Knapp won the Compton-Crook award in 2011 and is back to offer a reading of his first novel, STATE OF DECAY. After hearing Mr. Knapp’s reading during editing, I’ve added his “revivor“ series to my Goodreads list. I hope you enjoy it also. You can find James Knapp on the web at Please […]

BC46.122 – Drunken Comic Book Monkeys’ Author Reading

The Drunken Comic Book Monkeys’ authors, Brian and Chris, are a unique pair of friends who somehow decided that capturing their snarky banter disguised as fiction would be a satisfying and entertaining endeavor. I believe that you will find they were correct. When Jeff, their editor and Christine collaborate on the reading they are quite […]

BC46.121 – Emilie Bush Reading

A mega huge thank you to Bruce Lerner for doing all the heavy lifting on this episode. These two readings are by Emilie P. Bush recorded at Balticon 46. The first reading is from her second novel The Gospel According to Verdu, which is the second book in the Brofman Series. The second is from her children’s book […]

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