Balticon 40.35 – Interview with Author and Podcaster J.R. Blackwell

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Author, Podcaster, and renaissance woman J.R. Blackwell discusses writing, 365 Tomorrows, Voices of Tomorrow, and much more Paul is sick. A quick recap of Farpoint Convention. Met and interviewed Harve Bennett, Richard Hatch, and Ron Glass. Many thanks to Steve … Continued

Episode 34 – Interview with Author Marshall Thomas

Author Marshall Thomas discusses and reads from his book, Soldier of the Legion Soldier of the Legion is available in print and as a fully dramatized audio production Announcement of Special Guests of Honor, Michael R Mennenga and Evo Terra … Continued

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2006 Attending Balticon 41

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No, really, it’s true! Time’s Person of the Year for 2006 celebrated creators and users of content for the Internet, and, boy, do we have some great New Media content creators coming to Balticon 41, Special Guests of Honor Michael … Continued

Balticon 40.33 – Interview with Greg and Nora Wright

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Introduction to the Once and Future Con Chairs: Nora Wright, Balticon 41 Chair, and Greg Wright, Balticon 42 Chair Back for another great year at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn! GoH Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle Robert Heinlein events Art … Continued

Balticon 40.32 – Interview with Jeri Smith-Ready

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Author Jeri Smith-Ready talks about her book, Eyes of Crow, and writing for Luna Books. Eyes of Crow was released November 1, 2006 and is available in bookstores everywhere. Recorded live at Balticon 40. Jeri Smith-Ready’s short story, The Wild’s … Continued

Balticon 40.31 – Interview with Tamara Siler-Jones

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Author Tamara Siler-Jones talks about her books and the Compton Crook Award. Recorded live at Balticon 40. Horror author Tamara Siler-Jones The Compton Crook Award Jared Axelrod contributes Con-going Rules, Spandex is a privilege not a right. We also play … Continued

Balticon 40.30 – Hugo Loser’s Party Special

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WorldCon photos, mostly from this party are online. All photos by Martha Holloway. Hugo Party Notes David Brin World SF Magazine in China moved their event to a week before WorldCon in Yokohama Cheng Du, some distance inside China Szechuan … Continued

Balticon 40.29 – Lancelot Biggs PodPlay

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The Lancelot Biggs Podplay. Based on the book “The Remarkable Exploits of Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman” by Nelson S. Bond. Adaptation by Mur Lafferty. Starring: Steve Eley from Escape Pod and Pseudo Pod as Lancelot Biggs. Jim Van Verth from The … Continued

Balticon 40.28 – Interview with author Gene Wolfe

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Author Gene Wolfe talks about how he started his career in writing and gives tips for up and coming writers. Recorded live at Balticon 40. Fantasy author Gene Wolfe Gene started writing to help a college roommate Years later he … Continued

Balticon 40.27 – Interview with scientist and inventor Dr. Robert Fischell

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Scientist and inventor Dr. Robert Fischell talks about the medical devices he has invented and how they are changing lives. Recorded live at Balticon 40. Inventer of several medical devices. Invented an internal insulin pump for diabetics so they could … Continued

Balticon 40.26 – Author Reading by Hildy Silverman

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Author Hildy Silverman reads from her upcoming book, “The Way of Things”. Recorded live at Balticon 40. Author Reading Part 1 PROMO: Prophecy of Swords Podiobook PROMO: The Sci Fi Traveling Road Show Author Reading Part 2 Con-Going Rules: Use … Continued