BC45.111 – John Anealio in Concert

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Singer, song writer, John “George R.R. Martin is Not Your Bitch” Anealio entertains at Balticon 45. Sorry the video gets cut off after 35 minutes. Visit http://johnanealio.com/ for more great stuff like free songs and his album.

BC45.104 – George Hrab Science Lecture

George Hrab talks about the many many many ways we know that the world is older than 6,000. In case you’re wondering why this is important, there is a minority of religious people in the USA who believe in a … Continued

BC45.102 – A Decent Proposal

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What more is there to say. Chris Lester proposes to Dawn. Magic happens at Balticon 45.

BC44.101 – The Truth About The Universe

Here’s an awesome piece for you. We’ve never done one quite like this before. This is a slide show with audio. The slides were prepared by Laura Burns and JR Blackwell. Our presenters, Jared Axelrod, Dr. John Cmar, and Arioch … Continued

Balticon 43 Extra – Ep05: Disconnect

Video posted by Earl Newton for his Stranger Things Podcast. Quoting the original show notes: When their prize reality star goes missing, a monolithic network enlists the aid of the entire world to find him. Written and Directed by Earl … Continued

Be In the Next Episode of Stranger Things

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Want to be in the next episode of Stranger Things? Send an email to: PutMeInTheShow@StrangerThings.tv Get your email in soon! The Singularity approaches! The Singularity will happen live at Balticon 43.

Balticon Podcast Extra – ‘Ya Famous? by George Hrab

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The wonderful and talented George Hrab plays his song, ‘Ya Famous? at Balticon 42 Opening Ceremonies. Our apologies to George. The recording started a few seconds into the song. The missing lyrics:

More Great Media about Balticon 42 from Amber Rhea and Rusty Tanton

A trio of audio and video podcasts from Amber Rhea and Rusty Tanton from the Mostly ITP podcast Things we look for on road trips – another video episode! Talkie – Listener comments, Balticon wrap-up, Magical Clothes, what to do … Continued

Post Your Balticon 42 Pictures, Videos, Audio, and More

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Greetings Balticon Fans, Here’s a quick list of stuff from Balticon 42. If you have your own, leave the URL as a comment to this post.  Scott Phillips Photostream on Flickr Indiana Jim’s Matt Wallace interview Jason Adams‘ Balticon 42 … Continued

Balticon 41.68 – Stranger Things interview with Earl Newton and Dave Kanter

We welcome Earl Newton and Dave Kanter to the Balticon Podcast. Earl is the executive producer and Dave is the producer of Stranger Things. Stranger Things: The science fiction of human experience The first sci-fi anthology series in history to … Continued

Stranger Things Update for 2/11 Mentions HUGE Event

Earl Newton has just posted this update for Stranger Things. Take notice of the HUGE event planned for Balticon. I wonder what it could be, hmmmm….. OK, I know, but you won’t until your sitting in the chair being blown … Continued

Balticon 41.54 – George Hrab in Concert

George Hrab is a professional musician, author, and podcaster. He put on an amazing show at Balticon 41. The audio is a little rough, don’t blame George. Blame us. Find out more about George: Home Website : Podcast : Records … Continued

Balticon 41.53 – Interview with Filmmaker Earl Newton

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Independent filmmaker Earl Newton is the creator and executive producer of the groundbreaking video podcast, Stranger Things. He talks about the creative process, film making, and the joy of being involved with other creative people PROMO: Mur Lafferty’s new podcast … Continued