Episode 4 – Interview and Concert with Jordin Kare

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Recorded at:

The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Balticon 39: May 27 – 30, 2005

with Paul Fischer
Balticon 39 Interview and Concert with Filk Guest of Honor, Jordin Kare
From May 28, 2005

Jordin Kare – Jordin Kare Laser Launch Bibliography

Jordin has been doing music since the 1970’s

Best know for “Fire in the Sky” which was quoted by Buzz Aldren after the shuttle Columbia tragedy. You can listen to the song, Fire in the Sky, on this page. (Click on the link on the right hand side.)

Science, Science Fiction, and General Silliness

Jordin is a real “Rocket Scientist”. That’s just way cool to me. He started as an Astrophysicist. He’s been a Space System Engineer for the last 8 years.

Worked on the Clementine lunar satellite which mapped the surface of the moon.

Also did a lot of work on laser launch systems.

Lasers are starting to get cheap enough to make laser launch system economically feasible.

Jordin’s website will be available in the future at JKare.com.

“Parody Violation”, Jordin Kare’s filk music on CD available at filk.com

Directly after the interview are some excerpts from Jordin’s concert. He wanted me to include some notes
about the songs:
“How I Became A Botanist” – It was posted as text on the Net as a personal memoir, and is no doubt copyrighted by the author, Paul Licht.
“Waverider” was not a real ship; the song is a retelling of the story “Waverider” by Hilbert Schenk, which was included in his collection “Waverider”. Jordin thinks he’s a very underappreciated SF author.

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