Episode 9 – Interview with Eric Raymond

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Recorded at:

The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Balticon 39: May 27 – 30, 2005

with Paul Fischer
Balticon 39 Interview with Eric Raymond, Geek Extraordinaire
From May 28, 2005

Arguably the second or third famous geek in the world, next to Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman (Books by Richard Stallman).

He works on Open Source GIF and PNG libraries, and Fetchmail. Currently maintaining about 40 Open Source projects.

Eric is working on GPSD, and I get paid to War Drive.

GPSD is now completely auto-configuring. WOO HOO!

War driving tools, Kismet and Kismac.

Commercial GPS systems and accuracy. Using multiple GPS devices to get attitude information on large vehicles like ships and helicopters.

Eric’s idea for “Star Flight” radio show based on high energy music. This would be perfect for a Podcast. Eric actually has 3 play lists done already.

Dread Zeppelin
(Available at Amazon.com).

“Common People” by William Shatner w/ Joe Jackson. (Available on Apple iTunes Music Store) (Available at Amazon.com)

Adam Curry’s “Daily Source Code“Podcast.

We discuss the Open Source package Audacity, a multi-platform sound mixing program.

The user interface discussion. Eric’s books, including his book on user interfaces that don’t suck. This book is aimed at UNIX programmers. Another book on UI programming, The Humane Interface, by Jef Raskin.

Linux on a Mac. Even Linux Torvalds does it. Mac’s are NOT overpriced hardware. My Apple G4 laptop is the best laptop I’ve ever owned. Eric seems to get his laptops from IBM at extreme discounts. Eric’s writing has influenced IBMs strategic goals. The changes in IBM between when we were new in the industry and now. “The Cathedral & the Bazaar” is Eric’s book that helped corporations really understand and embrace the Open Source movement. “…How did I get here…” (iTunes) (Amazon) A quote from David Byrne of Talking Heads.

Eric’s interview on the old Tech TV show, “The Screen Savers”. They old TSS gang can now be found on T.W.I.T. podcast.

The differences between Podcasts and radio. I can interview people I like. People who intrigue me.

What can you do next, after accidentally overturning software engineering.

What Eric was attempting to do when he wrote, “The Cathedral & the Bazaar”.

Appealing to fear, greed, and vanity to make change happen.

Eric’s Books… New Hackers Dictionary, online version. www.catb.org. The Art of UNIX Programming. The Cathedral & the Bazaar

Open Source novels. Open Source role playing games.

Movie talk. The Matrix, Star Wars, Bound.


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