The New Domain and Site

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The Balticon Podcasts started during Balticon 39 as an experiment in podcasting at Sci Fi conventions. As the weekend progressed we did more and more interviews. Our technique improved and so did the audio quality. We are planning to keep improving and have invested more resources in better audio quality and web resources. The cheif new web resource is this domain and website, which will simplify the way that the Balticon Podcasts are accessed.

Starting soon, all files podcast files will be moved to this site, and the show notes will be recreated as entries in our new Word Press site. This new site will allow you, our listeners, to be able to comment on the different episodes and become part of our Balticon Podcast community.

Special thanks to BSFS for letting us do this, and to Ravyn Multimedia for providing the web hosting space.

Paul Fischer
Balticon Podcast

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