Episode 1 – The Balticon 39 Podcasting Panel

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Recorded at:

The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Balticon 39: May 27 – 30, 2005

Tee Morris and Paul Fischer
Balticon 39 Podcasting Panel Show Notes From May 27, 2005

Touting the iRiver IFP799

Trashing the Griffin iTalk

Tee has a cool tattoo for his iPod

Books by Tee Morris:


Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword

Legacy of Morevi

GalaxyCon and Gigi Edgley from Farscape

Michael and Evo at The Dragon Page

available books:

Earthcore ( Podcast / Book )

The Pocket and the Pendant ( Podcast / Book )

Morevi ( Podcast / Book )

Story of Tom Corvan ( Podcast / Book unavailable )

Welcome to the Beehive: A beginners guide to conquering the world of business ( Podcast / Book unavailable )

The audience of two. Yeah! We finally have an audience.

Selling Morevi, the book, through the podcast.

If you missed the podcast chapters go to http://teemorris.com/podcast

Lots of hard work goes into making a podcast.

Paul’s Uber mixer, the Numark DM1685

Maccast.com and shop.maccast.com

The mixer Paul should have bought, the Behringer Eurorack UB802 Mixer

The mixer Paul bought is too much mixer for him. Its story.

Never do a panel at a Con at 6pm on a Friday. Pretty much no one has arrived for the Con. And you only get stuck doing 6pm panels if you’re buddies with the head of programming and that person doesn’t know what a phenomenon Podcasting is. 🙁

The first ever Podcasting panel at Balticon.

Paul’s first Podcast went up just before Balticon. You can find it at ADDcast.net

Paul’s “Product Review Without Pity” done for the Maccast.

Tee talks about his novel Morevi as a serial Podcast

Working with Michael and Evo at The Dragon Page Podcast

Writing Podcasting for Dummies with Evo Tera

The audience makes it to three! Yeah!

Paul explains Podcasting

You don’t need an iPod!

Tee takes over talking

Paul jumps back in talking about downloading from the web vs. the magic of a Podcatching client



Listening to Podcasts is free

Paul’s radio rant

Paul downloads 2-3 hours of audio to listen to a day

Washington DC radio sucks since the death of WHFS

WHFS is now, El Zol!

Clear Channel and Infinity control most of the radio stations and computers pick what you listen to

Rev Up Review Podcast ‘Speculative Fiction’

Slacker Astronomy Podcast, Science made cool

Podiobooks.com always starts you at the beginning of the book when you subscribe to the feed

Geek Fu Action Grip Podcast by Mer Lafferty, she is amazingly funny

ConCarolinas – Tee’s next destination for a Podcasting panel

TiVo (Available at Amazon.com) for your iPod / MP3 player

Podcasts Tee listens to:

Area 51 – Splatter humor, “HeirCheck” This episode takes on Paris Hilton

Evil Genius Chronicles – Dave Slusher Rules! (buy something from him)

Leisure Talk

Useful Sounds – Nicole Simon’s – Nicole has the sexiest voice in the world. Don’t trust us. Tune in.

The Mousepod – Fan Podcast about Disney

Wizard News Roundup – LotR and Harry Potter news

Checking to see if Garageband will whore the recording of this Podcast. It didn’t.

Paul’s Listening List:

The Daily Source Code – Adam Curry, The Pod Father – The smoothest laid back voice in the world

Paul’s imitation of Adam Curry on fire. No offense intended.

Coverville – Brian Ibbet – Plays covers of songs. Exposure to music we’d never heard before. Brian continues to rock the world with tunes we would never have known about and now seek out.

Common People, by William Shatner and Joe Jackson. Off the “Has Been” CD. You can also buy the single at the Apple iTunes Music Store.

The Dawn and Drew Show – The Shocker! – NOT CHILD SAFE – Too funny, too cool

They have the coolest fans in the world and we’re two of them

The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd – Like an old time radio play, only better.

Leo Laporte – Formerly of “The Screen Savers” on the now defunct TechTV

The Laporte Report – with real behind the scenes stuff

TWIT – This Week in Tech – a.k.a. The Revenge of The Screensavers!

Asking for $20/year to fund it. Paul paid his.

TechTV ruled! We miss it.

On The Wing – Bird Watching Podcast

Paul’s love for wildlife photography

The Painted Bunting photo Paul was showing the audience

Too overproduced for Paul

Tee rails against the Sci Fi Channel and NASA

Ronald Moore – Does a Podcast as Executive Producer of the Battlestar Galactica TV show. It is excellent audio commentary of each episode.

It’s like listening to audio commentary on a DVD – It helps to have a TiVo

This they got right

Sci Fi Wire – Sci Fi Channel Podcast – SUCKS ASS

Bad audio processing makes a Podcast suck bad

Ranting on the iTalk continues

Farscape Peacekeeper Wars wins an award and all we hear about is the new X3 movie. ( Available at Amazon.com )

Paul thinks it’s marketing payola

Tee thinks it’s a clueless fanboy intern

You are not a Production Assistant! You are nothing!

NASA Podcast – Sucks Too!

NASA TV – So boring they make space flight as exciting as watching paint dry.

“Was Einstein a Space Alien?” – The first Podcast Tee heard

Paul loves the lisp

“Is Dust on the Moon a Problem?”

Slacker Astronomy kicks their ass! Black Holes are sexy.

NPR and other radio stations are re-broadcasting content like WGBH Morning Stories

Microsoft is Podcasting to their developers like this one about MS Mobiles

Canned radio content does not necessarily equal Podcasting

People are turning off the radio. All the content is computer generated in most of the major markets.

Audience finally reaches size of 12. One can only wonder what would have happened if we started at 7pm.

Questions & Comments:

Broadcast Industry of America – Database shows stations with rising market penetration and revenue are typically those who retained radio personalities.

Podcasting offers an alternative to radio.

Radio is the incumbent technology. Entry cost is about $1 for a dollar store FM radio. Podcasting requires a computer and an Internet connection, even if the content is free.

Paul’s rant on junkmail. Who’s Who is a gateway for junkmail.

Q: How did Tee record Morevi?

Q: What would we recommend for someone starting out in Podcasting?

Libsyn.com one stop shop for Podcaster producers – Good
Podcastpickle – Good
Soccer Girl Podcast – Bad says Tee
Paris Hilton Podcast – You Decide

Booz Allen Hamilton is putting their “Technology Petting Zoo” out as a Podcast internally.

Northrop, SAIC, and Boeing. The family business.

Q: What microphone to use?

The Plantronics USB headset with it’s own DSP

The microphones Paul uses: Shure 8900W Pro Microphone and the Shure Pro Kit

Q: Places for good audio gear?

Musician’s Friend


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