Episode 10 – Interview with Clayton McNally

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Recorded at:

The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Balticon 39: May 27 – 30, 2005

with Paul Fischer
Balticon 39 Interview with author Clayton L. McNally
From Sunday, May 29, 2005

We talk about his “Galactic Star Force – Battle Fleet” novel. It starts with World War 4. Then it moves to intergalactic colonization. Humanity encounters other species in space. The cadets wind up in charge because everyone else dies in battle.

We go in depth into the story of the book. Good aliens. Bad aliens. Carnivorous clones. 10 mile long Sentient star-ships. Augmented humans. Human-alien hybrids. More alien bad guys.

Clay has sold an option to a New York venture capitol firm.

Disrespecting George Lucas.

Clay hopes to fill the gap in the Sci-Fi market left by the lack of Star Trek and Star Wars content.

Clay talks about teaching martial arts.

Movie effects technology.

The first fifteen books of this series have been outlined. Clay also has another series coming out in 2006 called “Galaxy on Fire”.

Paul waxes poetic on the Napoleonic Naval wars. Discipline. Strategy. Stratified society.

Clay classifies his story as a human story not as a military story. But there are lots of violence. It’s G rated and family friendly.

Clay’s not afraid to kill of good, well defined characters. And they stay dead too.

Clay want’s everyone to know he answers his email. You can email him at galacticstarforce@yahoo.com

This week’s music track is “To Earth For The Music” from Bottomland.


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