Episode 9+ – Balticon Podcast Update

Balticon Podcast Update a.k.a. Episode 9+

In this episode, we update the listener on what’s been going on behind the scenes at The Balticon Podcast.

On the menu are:

  • The new web site, www.balticonpodcast.org.
  • The new podcast feed location.
  • Improved sound quality.
  • New music from Bottomland.
  • Podcasting track announcements for Balticon 40.
  • Sci-Fi Podcasting guests will be on hand for Balticon 40.
  • Merchant links. We have no plans to advertise on the podcast, but if you hear about a product on The Balticon Podcast that you’re interested in buying, please use the links on our new website. The small amount of money we receive from these links helps to offset the cost of producing and hosting the podcast.
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