Balticon 39.11 Interview with Tee Morris and Will McDermott

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Episode 11 – Interview with Tee Morris and Will McDermott – Part 1

Recorded at:

The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Balticon 39: May 27 – 30, 2005

with Paul Fischer
Balticon 39 Interview with authors Tee Morris and Will McDermott
From Sunday, May 29, 2005

  • Very different backgrounds as authors.
  • – Tee came in blind
  • – Will came in through the gaming industry

  • Selling Out vs. Putting Food on the Table debate
  • Tee talks about podcasting Morevi
  • Will – Most authors don’t get a choice to sell out
  • We define “selling out”
  • My tech book on Cisco routers.
  • Adobe Premire stuff. Book written by Tee. Paul’s basis for software piracy.
  • Will’s novels in the “Magic the Gathering” series. He talks about how much he earned as a writer in the last 3 years.
  • You can make money as an author, but you can’t make a living.
  • The differences between independent publishers vs. large established publishers like Wizards of the Coast.
  • Tee’s Book, Podcasting for Dummies written with Evo Terra
  • Paying for podcasting vs. advertising revenue
  • Paul’s hatred of invasive marketing
  • Real passion works better than mass marketing
  • TWiT is asking for $20 per year from their listeners.
  • Tee is asking for $5 per person donations on his website. Paul thinks Tee needs to make it closed ended.
  • Tee had 10,000 downloads of Morevi for May 2005.
  • We further define “selling out”
  • Cliffhanger ending!

This week’s music track is “In The Air”. Get Bottomland music on iTunes Music Store! Feet of Clay

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