Balticon 39.18 – Interview with Guest of Honor, Steven Barnes – Part 2

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The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Balticon 39: May 27 – 30, 2005

with Paul Fischer
Balticon 39 Interview with author and Guest of Honor, Steven Barnes.
From Sunday, May 29, 2005

  • Jason, his infant son is alternately crying and sleeping in next room
  • There is a fine line about how literally to take your personal responsibility related to what does and does not happen in the world around you.
  • Start with yourself if you care about what others are doing.
  • It is tough taking responsibility for your all aspects of your life.
  • “Team America: World Police”
  • The U.S. is flawed and screwed up, but we try.
  • Human beings keep reorganizing ourselves in higher and higher levels of abstraction.
  • We want to move away from pain and toward pleasure.
  • Trust in people’s enlightened selfishness.
  • Your spouse / significant other is your mirror.
  • There is no destination, just a direction in which to move.
  • You aren’t any smarter than you were at 10. You just know more stuff.
  • We’re all in this alone, together.
  • It’s important to hold your place of peace when you’re under stress.
  • We have all the knowledge we need to live exquisit lives.
  • Oppression is not how you loose your way. Seduction is.
  • In life you have to choose between two pains: disipline and regret.
  • Steven is now teaching pure motion instead of specific martial arts.
  • 1972 second place winner in the Korean Karate Championships.
  • Do not think dishonestly. The way is in training.
  • Steven was never a jock.
  • Are you on the path now? now? now? now?
  • Can I be the best person I can be right now?
  • Steven talks about being black in America.
  • What the culture says about blacks in America.
  • His mother paid “The Power of Positive Thinking” to him all the time.
  • The respect of men and the admiration of women.
  • Steven is a “twisted hair”.
  • “You want what?” Steven couldn’t follow the celebate path.
  • There is no easy path.
  • Steven strives to live a good life.
  • His novels are about what it is to be a human being.
  • Steven was the only black male sci-fi writer for over 20 years.
  • Steven wants to move into writing for Hollywood.
  • – his website
  • – his blog

Music by Bottomland.

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