Balticon 40.20 – Interview with Hal Haag

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Interview with Hal Haag with Paul Fischer
and Martha Holloway. Recorded Live, in our Vienna, VA studio.

  • Hal is the former head of computer gaming, former convention chair, and former gaming czar at Balticon, The Maryland Regional Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention.
  • Paul is also a former head of computer gaming
  • In the old days you got a free membership to Balticon if you loaned them a computer for the game room. That may still be true, but you’ll have to ask the current head of computer gaming.
  • Hal recalls the first time he attended Balticon. Slave Girls in chain mail bikini!
  • Hal used to say he’d run for convention chairman every 10 years, but he’s not sure he has the energy to run Balticon 45.
  • When Paul ran computer gaming, during the dot com boom, he could always get vendors to loan computers for the weekend.
  • Hal waxes about the old days of the computer gaming room.
  • These days computer games are too much like work for Hal. He like board games.
  • Podcast warts and all. We can apologize if we want to.
  • Ordering Shrimp in Corpus Christi, TX. Steamed vs. Boiled. Fried… All you can eat.
  • He who wins, writes the history.
  • Board games & card games & face to face contests! Oh my!
  • Talisman, like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), but a board game.
  • Munchkin, like D&D, but a card game.
  • Board games and card games have an end. Role playing games don’t.
  • It takes a lot of work to keep a D&D game fun.
  • Hal’s favorite D&D character is immortalized on the hood of a car. He won it at a Balticon raffle years ago. Art by D Frechette
  • Promo: Brave Men Run
  • Promo: Dragon Page
  • Promo: Escape Pod
  • Paul rips off Dan Klass. Bad Paul.
  • Hal almost trashes the hood with the art.
  • Back to board games
  • You see a lot of European type strategy games at Balticon. Games like:
  • Strategy games are more in tune with adult concepts of competition.
  • Join our Frappr map!
  • Creative Commons 2.5, non-commercial, attribution required
  • Opening music by Bottomland
  • Music: DNA, by Jonathan Coulton
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