Balticon 40.19 – Interview with Tee Morris

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Interview with Tee Morris with Paul Fischer.
Recorded Live, in our Vienna, VA studio.

  • Tee loves our new studio
  • My new business cards
  • Tee’s “Survivor’s Guide to Writing Fantasy” podcast
  • Talking about Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy in all its incarnations
  • The ease of making your own business cards.
  • Put a dollar in the jar
  • More about business cards
  • Mike Hammer
  • What books Tee is bringing to Balticon 40
  • Tee’s one of the original podcasters of audio books
  • Tee is jealous of Scott Sigler. Trying to figure out why that’s so
  • Our Podiobook, “Serve It Cold
  • “You can’t control the stimulus. Control the response.” my tag line from The ADD Cast
  • Talking about Scott Sigler’s Podiobook podcasts; Earthcore and Ancestor.
  • I rip off Dan Klass of “The Bitterest Pill
  • I’m jealous of those with “The Golden Voice”
  • Tee and I did the first Podcasting Panel (we know of) at a Sci-Fi convention
  • Comments we made about Soccer Girl during that first panel
  • Turns out Soccer Girl loved Tee’s Morevi Podiobook
  • Tee was jealous about Soccer Girl getting stuff from her fans
  • “It’s not about you”
  • Lady Osma and her MommyCast
  • We talk about podcast audience numbers
  • Tee’s lack of name recognition
  • Paul thinks its because he did his book and then stopped
  • Paul talks about the iTunes problem that occurred with The Balticon Podcast
  • Tee found his niche podcasting about what to do after the book is written
  • I hate marketing, but I’m learning to love self promotion
  • Our call for new interviewees
  • Talking about meeting Mur Lafferty at PodcasterCon

Track: DNA, Music by Jonathan Coulton