Balticon 40.21 – Interview with Mike Zipser and Tom Shaad from Fast Forward TV

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Interview with Mike Zipser and Tom Shaad from Fast Forward TV. Interviewed by Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway.

  • In studio in fabulous Vienna, VA
  • Fast Forward TV is on cable TV originating at Arlington, VA
  • also available in Baltimore, MD, Fairfax county, VA, and Loudon County, VA.
  • The produce one show a month.
  • Scheduling information is available at
  • The show has been running since 1989.
  • Mike & Tom’s first show was with Robert Jordan.
  • Mike is just a talented amateur.
  • They have produced and shown 187 interviews.
  • Feb 2006 episode
  • Stan Robinson talked about his book, “4 below” on a freaky weather day.
  • At the 2005 National Book Festival they did 5 interviews in 2 days.
  • They’ve interviewed Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman.
  • They’re working on an hour long special with Pat Murphy, Terry Pratchet, and Keith DeCandido.
  • They worry about over exposing their author friends.
  • Paul can’t remember John Wright’s name.
  • We’ve already started drooling over Neil Gaiman.
  • Neil is a genuinely nice person.
  • We’re all fan-boys.
  • So many of the author stars of Sci-Fi and Fantasy are very accessible.
  • Authors near the end of their tour are generally on automatic, and need a little push before they will get into a conversation.
  • Good writing is a magical ability.
  • PROMO: Brave Men Run.
  • PROMO: Dragon Page: Cover to Cover, Winging It, and Slice of Sci-Fi.
  • How hard is it for them to be the interviewee, when you’re normally the interviewer.
  • Mike talks about interviewing Larry Niven.
  • Most of the time they really want to go longer than the 18 minutes they need for TV.
  • Let the interviewee go where they want to go.
  • Differences between TV, Fast Forward TV, and podcast interview formats.
  • 30 minute show with interview, book review, and anime review.
  • Many authors are very different then their publishers and publicists portray them.
  • Reminiscing about interviewing Robert Jordan, Connie Willis, Ed Kemmer, Howard Waldrip, Garth Nix, Jane Yoland, and Frederick Pohl.
  • The Fast Forward TV archive is slowly being built on their website. You can currently stream the video and download the MP3 audio.
  • Best and worst interviews.
  • Die Hard at Cape Canaveral.
  • Prepare for Fast Forward TV
  • The Video Podcast!
  • Some of the best fiction is classified as Juv-Fic, Juvenile Fiction.
  • We will be working together at Balticon 40.
  • The Balticon main hotel is sold out. However there are hotels across the street. Don’t keep trying to get a room.
  • BBQ at Corner Stable. Mike loves the ribs. Paul is looking for a crab shack nearby.
  • We are the media of the people.
  • Join our Frappr map!
  • Creative Commons 2.5, non-commercial, attribution required

Opening music by Bottomland.

Music by Jonathan Coulton, The Future Soon.

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