Balticon 40.22 – Interview with Lisa Snellings-Clark

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Interview with Lisa Snellings-Clark with Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway
Recorded via phone, in our Vienna, VA studio.

Lisa’s Websites
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  • Newsflash – Our main hotel is sold out. Please visit the Balticon website for up to date information on the hotel situation.
  • Lisa started doing art full time 14 years ago when her Daughter Aubry was born.
  • Her degree is in Microbiology.
  • Her older sister and brother also went into science.
  • For one magic year they all worked for the same pathologist.
  • Her first job was working for a pathologist in a small town morgue.
  • Her artwork show the influences from her first job.
  • Really early Sci-Fi is one of her influences.
  • Renee Magritte for his playing with reality and perspective.
  • John Cage for his music and art.
  • People who step outside and change our perception of reality are also inspirations.
  • Lisa is moving from sculpture to what Neil Gaiman calls two and a half dimension art.
  • She’s a newbie at Photoshop, but she’s limiting her exposure to it for now.
  • Lisa is very focused and has given herself a steady schedule to work within.
  • PROMO: Escape Pod
  • Getting sucked into video games
  • Lisa plays Rez as a brain brake.
  • Music she likes, John Cage, Pink Floyd, Chemical Brothers, Neutral Milk Hotel, Floging Molly. It gets her brain running.
  • She chooses her music based on what she needs.
  • Lisa lives out in the Southern California dessert.
  • Snow
  • Lisa enjoys seeing art appear in front of her.
  • Lisa is a constant photographer. She’s rarely post to her blog without including a photo.
  • Night time in the dessert is beautiful. Her development doesn’t allow streetlights so people can watch the stars at night.
  • Dessert wildlife: Roadrunners, scorpions, black widow and sun spiders.
  • She had rain sprinklers installed at her home. It rains twice a day.
  • PROMO: Geek Fu Action Grip
  • PROMO: The Seanachai
  • PROMO: Tee Morris
  • She gets crazy clouds and lightning storms.
  • Ligntning storms and natural glass. Lisa tries to avoid the kill zone.
  • “Sisters” is calling Paul’s name.
  • The half dimension in two and a half dimension art.
  • We are the first Sci Fi convention to have its own podcast
  • Art is experimenting and knowing when to stop.
  • Lisa empties the dishwasher with only the power of her mind.
  • Breaking through barriers expands the mind.
  • Rats all over the house. Rubber rats.
  • The Harliquins and Rats are her day job.
  • Lisa’s book projects.
  • She has many projects in the works.
  • Lisa will be doing a workshop and a lecture at Balticon 40, plus a lot of other things.
  • Lisa likes hanging out with people who read.

Opening Music by Bottomland
Music track – Ikea – by Jonathan Coulton

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