Balticon 40.23 – Interview with Admiral Burad of The Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet

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Interview with Admiral Burad of The Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet with Paul Fischer
Recorded via phone, in our Vienna, VA studio.

  • Register in advance at
  • The Feast is Sunday Night at 7:30pm
  • $45 per person
  • Buffett Menu, all you can eat
  • You haven’t eaten, until you’ve eaten with Klingons.
  • Vegitarian food is available, as well as meat.
  • The food will be fresh but not alive.
  • The Admiral covers the menu.
  • This is the 11th Klingon Feast at the Hunt Valley Marriott.
  • The feast is a celebration of the struggle of life.
  • Entertainmen includes Music, weapons demonstrations, Klingon Poetry, and sharp Klingon humor
  • Cash Bar, includes Blood Wine
  • Fighting for the last piece of food is encouraged
  • Promo: Seanachai
  • Promo: Geek Fu Action Grip
  • YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER for the Klingon Feast
  • Klingon Jail will be running on Saturday. Have your friend or mate arrested and taunted by Klingons.
  • Klingons will be part of the hall costume competition. They’re not sure if they will have an entry in the Masquerade.
  • home of the Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet.
  • IKBF is based in Baltimore. Squadron in Norfolk. Klingons on Motorcycles, Ridged Riders.
  • Klingon Language Institute.
  • Opening Music by Bottomland.
  • MUSIC: Klingon Warrior Song – from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (fair use)
  • Interlude: Gowron Speech – from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (fair use)
  • MUSIC: Klingon Theme – Star Trek (fair use)
  • Neither Paramount nor anyone else officially representing the Star Trek franchaise has given permission for use of these clips. If there is a problem with their use contact and they will be removed. We are using them under the fair use principle.
  • MUSIC: Blue Suede Shoes (in Klingon) – by ter’eS
  • This episode has multiple images in the MP3 file. You should be able to see all of them in iTunes. If you have any problems playing this on another system, please let me know ASAP at

Pictures from Previous Feasts…

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