Are you ready for Balticon 40?

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Martha and I spent the day packing and working on our PodPlay, Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman, with Mighty Mur Lafferty. All our panels are chock full of Podcasters and everyone is ready to burst with excitement.

In the middle of this, it finally dawned on me that I needed to bail on the PodPlay. I was planning on playing Capt’n Hanson until I remembered I need to do 20-30 interviews in 4 days. If I don’t get my interviews, there won’t be a Balticon Podcast! Doh!

Sometimes I’m just dumber than a stone. So, now I’m deep in my cups (Champaign brought by Sister-in-law Julia. Happy Graduation Julie!) and waiting for the final Balticon 40 Schedule. I’ll be posting the grid of Podcasting panels here, along with all the info you could ever want and more.

For those who would like to be interviewed by The Balticon Podcast, drop me an email at and well schedule a time.

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