Balticon 40.28 – Interview with author Gene Wolfe

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Author Gene Wolfe talks about how he started his career in writing and gives tips for up and coming writers.
Recorded live at Balticon 40.

  • Fantasy author Gene Wolfe
  • Gene started writing to help a college roommate
  • Years later he started writing again trying to earn enough to move into a better apartment
  • For the first story he sold, he borrowed visions of India from Rudyard Kipling
  • He has never been to India, even to this day
  • He remembers receiving his first acceptance letter
  • Gene talks about bad reviews and the book “Rotten Reviews
  • We discuss anonymous reviews
  • PROMO: Come Let Me Whisper at
  • PROMO: Consider The Elephant at
  • Gene remembers Balticon
  • CORRECTION: Actual Balticon 40 attendance was 2296
  • A Gene Wolfe Podcast?
  • Gene talks about contracts and agents
  • He talks about meeting Virginia Kidd, his agent
  • Watch out for those bad contracts
  • Gene’s favorite part of Balticon 40 was the Kaffee Klatch where he got to meet a select few his fans over a cup of coffee
  • Learn to write by writing
  • Characterization is the key to good writing
  • REJOINER: Mark Foreman from Getting a Leg Up
  • Con-Going Rule, Kid Games, supplied by Lady Ozma from The Parenting in Poverty Podcast, The ‘Charmed’ Podcast, and Growing Up Geeky.
  • MUSIC: Pocketbook by Derek K. Miller (artist’s blog) comes from The Podsafe Music Network

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