Balticon 40.27 – Interview with scientist and inventor Dr. Robert Fischell

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Scientist and inventor Dr. Robert Fischell talks about the medical devices he has invented and how they are changing lives.
Recorded live at Balticon 40.

  • Inventer of several medical devices.
  • Invented an internal insulin pump for diabetics so they could be normal
  • Diabetes runs in his family.
  • The pump is placed in the abdomen
  • Unfortunately it’s only available outside the US
  • We talk about how he designs medical devices
  • He has also invented a computer to control epilepsy. It get implanted in the brain and he feels it’s the closest thing to sci-fi that he’s done.
  • PROMO: Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana podiobook. Also available in print.
  • PROMO: I Should Be Writing
  • Moving into the sci-fi realm, what if we apply this computer to parkinson’s
    disease, OCD, depression, or any disease of the brain
  • They can sell a lot of them if they can interface with the centers of sexual pleasure
  • MUSIC: Doctor by BLOOM. Courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network

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