Balticon 40.47 – Interview with author Tony Ruggerio

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  • Tony Ruggerio
  • Dragon Moon Press
  • Tony’s podcast gave Paul nightmares
  • Aliens and Satanic Creatures Wanted, Humans Need Not Apply (podcast book)
  • Evil Car Dealerships
  • The newest book, as of May 2006, Alien Deception (book)
  • Alien Revelation will be out soon
  • Team of Darkness, revised edition is out, Operation Immortal Servitude (Tony’s books on
  • Vampires in the US Military
  • The obligatory Tee Morris plug
  • New thriller novels being marketed – Freddie and Coven of Deceit
  • PROMOServe It Cold – by Ronnie Blackwell
  • PROMOEarth by Mur Lafferty
  • Interactions between author and fan. Fan fiction
  • He tried to give his readers what they want
  • Tony’s vampires break the mold
  • His vampires do surgical strikes not massive body count operations
  • He loves the fan base for Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • Tony donates time to help put on Raven Con in Richmond, VA
  • Tony is considering doing Team of Darkness as a Podiobook
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