Balticon 40.49 – Interview with Author Naomi Novik

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Naomi Novik
Her three book Temeraire series is available in print:

Naomi talks about writing novels and fan fiction
Some of the legal issues surrounding fan fiction and other fan produced works
10 Things I Hate About Commandments video
PROMO: Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznick
Dealing with fan fiction from a legal standpoint

Creative Commons Licenses [ editor’s note: CC licenses are up to 3.0 and have changed quite a bit since this was recorded ] Naomi wants a new class of CC type license that would allow her to use ideas from Temeraire fan fiction in her commercial novels
Her goal is to protect the author and publisher from the story accidents when may occur when reading fan fiction
The 501st Legion
Star Wars Revelations kicks ass
The panning of Star Wars Episode 3
Art of the Saber – The best lightsaber duel ever! More info on The Force.Net