Balticon 41.50 – Interview with Author David Drake

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Author David Drake talks about writing full time, how he became a writer, how he stays sane, and his personal experiences in the Viet Nam War.

Wikipedia Quote:

David Drake (born September 24, 1945) is a successful author of science fiction and fantasy literature. A Vietnam War veteran who has worked as a lawyer, he is now one of the premier authors of the military science fiction subgenre.

  • David sold his first story the year I was born
  • His time in Viet Nam
  • Coming “Back to the world”
  • Grenade’s vs. Paperwork
  • Current re-integration programs for the Iraq War
  • The current government is court marshalling victims of PTSD who refuse to go back to Iraq
  • PROMO: Second Life Notes
  • PROMO: The Pocket and the Pendant
  • Going from Lawyer to Bus Driver to Writer
  • The unemployment rules of North Carolina
  • Solitude and writing
  • Firearms for fun – The S&W model 686 comes in 6 and 7 shot models
  • PROMO: The Seanachai
  • PROMO: World Fantasy Con 2008 Podcast
  • Translating Latin (Don’t ask the Jewish kid from Long Island about Latin)
  • The holes in the paper don’t lie
  • Hammers Slammers – Selling it and the feedback
  • The Best Years of Our Lives
  • “You’ve got people under enormous stress and it hasn’t stopped being stressful because they’ve come back. Because part of them didn’t come back.”