Balticon 41.60 – Joe Bergeron – Art Guest of Honor

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This week we present an interview with Balticon 41 Art GoH, Joe Bergeron. Joe is a renaissance man. He is mostly self taught and excels in such diverse areas as art, music, astronomy, writing, and producing DVDs. You’ll be amazed at everything he does, not just for the breath of skills, but at how well he does each of them. Click through to find his books and artwork. Also see Joe’s personal store. Joe talks about how he got started doing artwork, his writing, and life in general.

PROMO: On The Podcast and Podcast Junky

PROMO: The Voice of Free Planet X

All music in the interview by Joe Bergeron: Cosmic Cat Theme, Lady Moon, Laura, and Misty Mountains

These are just some of the guests who will be attending Balticon 42:

  • Tee Morris – The Survival Guide for Writing Fantasy, Morevi and Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword and the video series, Man vs. Child
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