Balticon 41.64 – Con Chair Greg Wright

Convention Chairman Greg Wright and I talk about what you’ll be experiencing at Balticon 42.

  • Guests of Honor:
  • The Compton Crook Award
  • Special Events
    • Opening Ceremonies
    • Concerts: Urban Tapestry, George Hrab
    • Dramatic Presentation
    • Stranger Things
  • Concerts outside the bar on the Hrab Stage
  • Launch Parties
  • Medieval Dance
  • Science
    • Infectious Disease Specialist: Dr. Cmar
    • Rocket Scientist: Laura Burns
    • Mr. Electric Car: Mike Harvey
    • Mr. T-Rex: Tom Holtz
  • Children’s Track
  • New Media Track
  • Con Suite
We need volunteers. Please volunteer when you get to Balticon.
MUSIC: Technonerdboy by Urban Tapestry


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