Balticon 41.66 – Talking Erotica with Helen E. H. Madden and Nobilis

We talk sex, erotica, families, and morals with Helen E. H. Madden and Nobilis. Helen Madden is the host of the Heat Flash podcast. Nobilis is the author and voice of Nobilis Erotica podcast.

  • Dealing with turning yourself on, rejection, and lack of venues to show books
  • Lack of erotic fiction podcasts
  • Why Nobilis and Helen feel the need to finish projects
PROMO: A Foolish World, erotic fiction podcast available at
PROMO: Heat Flash podcast
  • Gomorrahmy
  • Politics, sex, and writing porn
  • Definition quest: porn vs. erotica vs. smut vs. romance vs. fantasy
  • Stick Figure Porn: one and two
  • Definitions imply restrictions
  • Sex vs. violence
  • Plans for Balticon 42: Sex Tech, Regina Lynn, Erotic Podcasts and Sexy New Media, Amber Rhea, Biscuit Slash Madlibs