Balticon Podcast 42.71 – Matthew Wayne Selznick

This episode is awesome. We talked with Matthew Wayne Selznick (WMS) at Balticon 41, back in May 2007, and we talk to him again in July 2008 to update the interview and discuss his Sovereign Summer Sunday, July 13, 2008. In fact, it’s an all MWS Balticon Podcast episode with a promo and music by Matt as well.
Matt’s book, Brave Men Run, will be released by Swarm Press on Sunday July 13, 2008.
Check Matt’s blog for more info on his Sovereign Summer Sunday event!
Updates: Matt wants me to let you know some things we didn’t cover in the updates. He no longer offers web hosting and all his podcasts have been collapsed into one called Sonitotum. It is the companion podcast to his blog, Scribtotum.

Sovereign Summer

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