BC42.76 – Story Time with Tom Doyle

This episode we are proud to present you with a short story by author Tom Doyle. Mr. Doyle’s work has appeared here before in episode 56. His story, The Garuda Bird, is a Bollywood style romp through Indian legend and politics with just a little love and lust as added spice. He’s even got a real mad scientist.

This story originally appeared in Aeon Magazine number 3

This episode’s guest host is Stephen Eley the editor-in-chief of Escape Artists Inc. They present some of the best audio fiction available. And they do it for free. If you haven’t listened to an Escape Artists podcast, you’re missing some seriously great stories. For general sci-fi genre stories check out Escape Pod. For horror see Pseudopod and for fantasy your source is Pod Castle

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MUSIC: Rock @ Bollywood by AjT