BC43.81 – Phil Plait and A Kovacs Interview

The Bad Astronomer himself, Dr. Phil Plait and Skepchick A Kovacs sat down with us at Balticon 43 to discuss science, skepticism, NASA, and social media. Dr. Plait is the president of the James Randi Educational Foundation a.k.a. The JREF. And A Kovacs is the JREF Director of Operations. When it comes to skepticism, there are few more active and honest people.

Paul proposes a project: Make NASA Interesting!
Take public domain footage (which is all of it) from NASA TV and do your own color commentary. NASA TV should be awesome, but it puts you to sleep. The science is incredible, but the presentation needs work. Think of what a sports color commentator could do to a live rocket launch.

The Skepchicks

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