Balticon 43 Extra – Advanced Digital Recording:

Audio posted by Chooch Schubert for his Random Acts of Chooch Podcast.

Quoting the original show notes:

This is the audio from a panel I spoke on at Balticon 43 over Memorial Day weekend. A special thanks to my fellow panelists: Thomas ‘Cmdln’ Gideon, Dan the Fan.

The version I am posting is not edited for content, but has been processed to remove noise and (hopefully) make it more listenable.

Cmdln has posted his own recording from this panel at in uncompressed FLAC, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis formats.

From the Balticon program:
This session will go beyond the basics of recording a voice with your built in audio program. We will give an overview of the various types of audio recording equipment and techniques of non-linear audio editing. This should help you in creating advanced productions such as multi-voice dramatizations, music recording and mixing, as well as carry over into video production.

This session will cover: mixing board types and interfaces; microphone types; non-linear audio editing and effects (cut, shift, cross fade, noise reduction, compression, noise gating); multi-track mixing and recording different audio resources.

Products we discussed during the recording:

  • The book that Dan mentions during the discussion is Modern Recording Techniques, Sixth Edition.
  • The midi controller I mention is the Korg nanoKontrol. Apparently they changed pricing, or I just got a great deal because they are $60 which is almost twice what I had thought. Still, I think it’s well worth it
  • There is some discussion on the Zoom H2 and Zoom H4
  • Thomas mentions his use of  a M-Audio MicroTrack II
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