BC43.85 – Bookview Cafe Reading

We start off with a quick interview with author and project manager for Bookview Cafe, Sarah Zettel. Sarah talks about what readers and authors get from Bookview Cafe. Readers get DRM free eBooks from a growing collection of authors. Authors get the full amount of the sale and get access to the collective brain power of their peers at Bookview.

Next is a promo from first time novelist, PC Haring. He is launching his first novel, Cybrosis, in podcast form on 1/1/10. It promises to be a thrilling time.

Finally, we have the reading recorded at Balticon 43. Sarah Zettel, Sue Lange, and Laura Anne Gilman read selections from works available at Bookview Cafe.

Bookview offers eBooks in multiple formats for your electronic reading experience. And there is no DRM, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of moving your books from the eReader you have today to the eReader you’re going to have tomorrow.

They also have a collection of free sample works available, so check out Bookview Cafe today.

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