BC43.86 – GoH Charles Stross

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Guest of Honor Charles Stross talks about writing and his books. This is one of the more out there interviews as Charlie outpaces this poor interviewer mentally and verbally. The man has a keen whit. The good news for you, is you can sample this Brit’s work in audio form through the first and only live Escape Pod (See Episode 206 or the Special Episode in the Balticon Podcast feed).

Promo: 7th Son: Descent

J.C. Hutchins has released a newly rerecorded version of what was originally a podcast only novel. The novel is now in print and available from St. Martin’s Press. Buy the book now from Amazon and help an author who has given so much to the podcasting community.

Music: Drive Away by Matthew Ebel

Matthew contacted me via Twitter to see if he could play his original music at Balticon 44. While I took a crash course in listening to his music, he reviewed his schedule for 2010. I liked what I heard, and given his dedication to New Media it seemed like a great fit. Unfortunately, he had a conflict, so he’s penciled us in for 2011. In the mean time, dig the music, and check out the artist if it sounds as good to you as it does to me.