BC43.88 – Gene Wolfe

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This is our second interview with Gene Wolfe and I think the best interview we’ve ever published. This is due in large part to Jim Van Verth.

When we published our first interview with Gene we received the normal amount of downloads in the first few weeks that I was used to. Then something amazing happened. Our download count kicked up from the low hundreds to the mid thousands. I did some checking and discovered that Jim Van Verth mentioned our interview on a Gene Wolfe fan site. Of course I wrote Jim an email to thank him, but when I saw that Gene was returning to Balticon, I went out on a limb and asked him to help me with an interview.

I knew that with a newborn baby in the house there was little chance that I would be able to really dig into Gene’s incredible body of work in order to give his amazing career as an author the credit it was due. But Jim was already a huge fan of Gene’s and well versed in his works. I’m not sure how we’ll top this one, but it really raises the bar for me. I want to thank Jim again for the work he put into writing all the questions for this interview.

I also want to thank John Taylor Williams again for guest hosting and mastering this audio. I’ve just entered a new position with a new company and there’s lots to do. We’ve also been dealing with a string of illnesses with our child. Nothing serious, just the normal stuff that kids get when they start socializing. However normal it might be, sleepless nights and crying babies make little time for editing audio.

Finally, I would like to thank Gene for taking the time to talk openly and honestly about his career as a writer.

-Paul Fischer

Head of New Media, Balticon

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