BC44.96 – Paolo Bacigalupi – 2010 Compton Crook Award Winner

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Punkie is back to intro this episode in which Paul interviews the award dominator himself, Paolo Bacigalupi. Paolo has won just about every award SF&F has to offer and the one’s he didn’t win he’s making room for on his bookshelf. Among these awards is BSFS’s own Compton Crook award which he won for The Windup Girl. If you love dystopia, you’ll love this book. Think of a world where gene modification has gone mad, and your right to grow and eat food is comes second to a corporation’s rights and patents on the seeds you’re growing. Don’t pay your licensing fees, then you don’t eat. This is the backdrop for one excellent and very well written tale.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to the interview and hear it direct from the author’s mouth.