BC43.98 – Mark Van Name – 2008 Compton Crook Award Winner

Greetings Listeners,

This week we have another great Punkie intro as we bring you a blast from the past. This is our 2009 interview with author Mark Van Name. Mark is the author of a whole bunch of books, including my favorite, One Jump Ahead. Mark was the 2008 Compton Crook Award winner and spoke to me at Balticon 43. We discussed the craft of writing and much, much more.

He also has an excellent Zombie plan which relies heavily on my favorite military SF author, David Drake.

We also have a promo for Conglomeration 2011, an upcoming SF&F convention in Louisville, KY.

And don’t forget that there’s still time to enter our contest for a free copy of George Hrab’s Trebuchet.

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