BC45.104 – George Hrab Science Lecture

George Hrab talks about the many many many ways we know that the world is older than 6,000.

In case you’re wondering why this is important, there is a minority of religious people in the USA who believe in a “Young Earth” creationist theory. If you ever need to try to persuade one of these people that the are wrong, you’ll get a lot of good solid scientific information from this talk.

This is the first in a series of science lectures. We’ve cooked up a cool new intro to these science talks. The folks in order of appearance are: Evo Terra & Sheila Dee, Donna “Ms. Information”Mugavero, Jared Axelrod, and George Hrab. The music comes curtesy of the great and powerful John Taylor Williams. Many thanks to them all for their willingness to assist in this project.

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