BC46.129 – The Shrinking Man Project, Special Episode 4

SMP Victory BeltA live recording of The Shrinking Man Project discussing the ins and outs of weight loss hosted by the Shrinking Man himself. “Inspiration. Finding it, and being it.” Where do you find inspiration to make change in your life? How does that inspiration motivate you to get out and do, to write, to exercise, to improve your life? How can you be that inspiration for yourself, and for those around you? Join our discussion and share your thoughts on inspiration and its place in your work and your life.

Moderator: Doc Coleman

Speakers: Justin MacumberStarla HuchtonVeronica GiguereLauren “Scribe” Harris

Photos courtesy of Nuchtchas.

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After a tour as Galley Table’s regular stow-away, and producer of his own podcast The Shrinking Man Project, Doc is the latest host for the Balticon Podcast. In addition to podcasting, Doc's activities include voice acting and writing. Find out about all of Doc’s projects at Swimming Cat Studios (http://SwimmingCatStudios.com). When he isn’t juggling projects, making a living, or mainlining podcasts, Doc is a gamer, an avid reader, a motorcyclist, a home brewer and beer lover, a fan of renaissance festivals, and frequently a smart-ass.