BC50.0 – Changes

I mentioned several episode ago that there would eventually be changes in the podcast, and here is the first one. I’m changing the numbering convention used for the episodes. Up until now, the episodes were numbered this way:


BC = BaltiCon

48 = number of the Balticon the recording is associated with

150 = number of episodes in the podcast.

This has been a little confusing because you can potentially have BC49.154 followed by BC47.155. The last number becomes increasingly meaningless.

Going forward, the first two portions of the episode numbers will stay the same, but the number on the end will be the number of episodes associated with that particular Balticon. So BC50.5 is the fifth episode from Balticon 50. Balticon 46 will continue to be numbered the old way, but from Balticon 47 on, the numbers will reset with each new convention.

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