BC50.1 – Interview with Jody Lynn Nye and Bill Fawcett

B50_logo_color_400_widejody and billBalticon 50 starts here! The first panel is over a month away, but we’re proud to get things started by brining you interviews with some of our returning guests of honor and other notables. First up in our hit parade is returning Guest of Honor Jody Lynn Nye, and her husband, Bill Fawcett.

Jody is an author with a remarkable career in her own right, as well as her collaborations with Anne McCaffrey, and Robert Asprin. Bill is an editor by trade, but he also is a military historian specializing in how mistakes on the battlefield have turned the course of war.

Both of them were present at the beginning of Dungeons and Dragons, and have seen the rise of gaming culture.

Listen in as we explore the worlds of writing, editing, gaming, conventions, and other things with Jody and Bill!

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