BC45.120S – Hiatus

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Sorry folks. Holiday pressures and Balticon 46 planning are too much. I need to step back and put the show on hiatus until mid to late January 2012. See you all back here then.

BC45.120 – Paolo Bacigalupi Reading – Fixed

A reading from Paolo Bacigalupi’s upcoming novel The Drowned Cities. Find out more about Paolo at his website   [ Text Corrected on 12/7/2011] [Audio patched on 12/8/2011]

BC45.119 – Farpoint 2011

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Interviews with Bonita Friedericy and Tahmoh Penikett

BC45.118 – James Stoddard Sampler

Lazy Show Notes The James Stoddard Sample. Excerpts from his books and a forward from James about winning the Compton Crook award in 1999. Congrats to Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine on their award.

BC45.117 – Teaching Science with Larry Niven Stories – part 3 of 3

The third and final part of this panel with Andrew Love and Dr. Tom Holtz.

BC45.115 – Teaching Science with Larry Niven Stories

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Science Fan Andrew Love gives part one of a science presentation: Using Larry Niven Stories to Teach Science.

BC45.114S – Special My Bad

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Sorry, no episode this week. Just a “My Bad” from Paul.

BC45.114 – Pitch Workshop

Announcement: Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine tied the knot on Saturday Oct 8th. The Pitch Workshop audio recorded at Balticon 45. Special thanks to Scott Roche for sending us a copy and agreeing to let us share it. The Pitch … Continued

BC45.113 – Nathan Lowell’s Readings

These are the two readings from Nathan Lowell done at Balticon 45. Nate is just an all around great guy. His books are available at his website and Podiobooks.com as well as in dead tree and eBook versions at online … Continued

BC45.112 – Erotic Horror Readings

The Erotic Horror panel from Balticon 45 starring Helen E.H. Madden and Jahda Addams PROMO: Heat Flash Podcast WARNING: They use some nasty words in this audio. Listener discretion is advised.  

BC45.111 – John Anealio in Concert

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Singer, song writer, John “George R.R. Martin is Not Your Bitch” Anealio entertains at Balticon 45. Sorry the video gets cut off after 35 minutes. Visit http://johnanealio.com/ for more great stuff like free songs and his album.

BC45.110 – Alien Sex panel

This is the audio from the Alien Sex panel from Balticon 45. More show notes to come. Panelists include: Beatrice Kondo Dr. John Cmar “Sci-Fi” Laura Burns Philippa Balantine Moderator Tim Livengood

BC45.109 – Is Free Worth It? – The Gems of Podiobooks.com

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The audio from the Balticon 45 panel on Podiobooks.com Lazy show notes. More later.

BC45.108 – iPad Productivity Panel

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The iPad as a productivity tool is led by Helen E. H. Madden, a.k.a. Cynical Woman. Joining her on the panel are: M.A. in PA Christiana Ellis Aisling Weaver Sara Nash   Think the iPad is a toy? I did. … Continued

BC45.107 – Geek Parenting

This is the geek parenting podcast from Balticon 45. Panelists: Helen E.H. Madden – a.k.a. Cynical Woman – podcast – web comic Nathan Lowell Marc “Grailwolf” Bailey PG Holyfield Vivid Muse Promo: Tumbler – podcast – novel Promo: Nobilis Erotica