Balticon 41.51 – Jack Managan in Concert

Jack Mangan in Concert Recorded at Balticon 41 in the lobby area between the bar and hotel registration. Thanks to George Hrab for loaning us the stage. Matthew Wayne Selznick opens with Bedwrinkled Dress Jack’s set list: Too Good – … Continued

FarPoint Media/Podango Partnership

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FarPoint Media Press Release FarPoint Media/Podango Partnership We, at FarPoint Media (, a leader in creating, producing and distributing quality audio entertainment, are happy to announce that Podango ( has become our partner with a multi-station deal that will allow … Continued

Balticon 41.50 – Interview with Author David Drake

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Author David Drake talks about writing full time, how he became a writer, how he stays sane, and his personal experiences in the Viet Nam War. Wikipedia Quote: David Drake (born September 24, 1945) is a successful author of science … Continued

Outcast Multimedia and Particle 9 Productions have released the first podcast comic book

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In what they hope will become a bi-monthly release, Outcast Multimedia and Particle 9 Productions have released the first podcast comic book today. “P9P comics are high quality pdfs delivered directly to our audience,” said Rich Sigfrit. The Balticon Podcast … Continued

Balticon 40.49 – Interview with Author Naomi Novik

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Naomi Novik Her three book Temeraire series is available in print: His Majesty’s Dragon Throne of Jade Black Powder War Empire of Ivory Naomi talks about writing novels and fan fiction Some of the legal issues surrounding fan fiction and … Continued

Balticon 41.48 – Interview with Dr. John Cmarr and Laura Burns

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Dr. John Cmarr and Laura Burns He’s an infectious disease specialist and MD. She’s a rocket scientist. Together they’re The Power Couple of Science Laura works on the James Webb Space Telescope: launching 2013 Our opinions are our own From … Continued

Balticon 40.47 – Interview with author Tony Ruggerio

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Tony Ruggerio Dragon Moon Press Tony’s podcast gave Paul nightmares Aliens and Satanic Creatures Wanted, Humans Need Not Apply (podcast book) Evil Car Dealerships The newest book, as of May 2006, Alien Deception (book)

The Balticon Podcast (a.k.a. The BaltiCast) interviewed for Blogger and Podcaster Magazine

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! The Balticon Podcast interviewed in Blogger and Podcaster Magazine. See the article on page 10. Corrections: We’re “The Balticon Podcast” not “BaltiCast” There were just under 2000 people in attendance, not 3000. The podcasting … Continued

Balticon 41 Video 2 – Scott Sigler’s Contribution to the Michael and Evo Roast

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Lazy show notes. Just watch it.

Balticon 41 Video 1 – Michael and Evo Roast

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The Michael and Evo Roast This is one of the funniest events of the Balticon 41 podcasting track. More show notes to come…